Friday, August 6, 2010


My husband, who is also a photographer, likes to take shots of nature and all kinds of examples of God's creation.

More to come soon.  I have a few sessions scheduled and can't wait to show you the results!           


  1. Nice! I love the mushroom shot!

    I took a bunch of macro shots yesterday I need to get off my camera. This ladies house was AMAZING, and she was gracious enough to let me capture it!

    So, how did the shoots go?

  2. I know...I love that mushroom pic too!
    I want to see house pictures!
    I haven't done any shoots this coming Tuesday (two children) and one Saturday (the renewing of vows gig). I asked a Senior today if I could take pics of her too..just for practice! I want to do that asap.
    I'll check your blog for pics!

  3. I'm working on processing it all still! lol!

    That flower macro shot was from the lady's house..... her yard was like a jungle... it was so neat!

    But I also have a bunch of shots I took for the YMCA, my oldest son's birthday shoot, the rest of the macro's I took at the lady's house, and a bunch of random ones! I'm usually good for 250 - 500 shots a week, but last week, I outdid myself! lol