Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beach Practice

Here is Gabe again!  Soon, I will actually have children to photograph other than my own!  Ha!  That's okay....I'm getting practice and some cool shots of my baby :)
(The sea gull is just for fun!)


  1. Awww..... looks like he was having a great time! I'm doing my oldest's birthday shoot tomorrow......a month late! ::::shakes head::::: I've just been crazy busy lately!


  2. Hey! Where are you going to take birthday pics? That's a good idea. At least you are doing it!

  3. We went onto Elmira College's campus and did some shots.... it's so beautiful there, and they have some really neat architecture. (Though, of course, two of the buildings I had in mind were under repair and had scaffolding/ giant red cranes around it, so I had to be flexible...lol) I took some by this really cool statue of Mark Twain..... some on a bench.... some in a really neat, old archway.... on the ledge of a beautiful fountain....under some trees....etc. I want to take him back out today, or next week, dressed down more, and get some under this really neat looking via duct I found in town. I really like the grittiness of it, and think it will go good with the age. Though, of course, he may be sick of be by then! lol. I was getting eye rolls after 15 minutes yesterday!